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Municipalities face a complex challenge when it comes to broadband expansion. A large number of technological, organizational and not least financial decisions have to be made. Under the heading “Kommunaler Breitbandausbau in Deutschland – Grundlagen und Empfehlungen” (Municipal broadband expansion in Germany – Basics and recommendations), we have summarized all the important aspects of broadband expansion for municipalities in a loose-leaf collection. The texts are based on the knowledge of experts with many years of experience in the areas of broadband expansion, promotion and consulting. The loose-leaf collection consists of a basic version (including folders and indexes) and regular supplementary deliveries and updates (a maximum of four deliveries per year). The contents are divided into eight thematic modules. The loose-leaf collection is a growing work that is constantly being updated and improved. Only in this way can the guide do justice to the short technological development cycles and the changing regulatory environment as well as to a constantly growing funding backdrop.

The loose-leaf collection is available in German only.

Table of contents

Module 1 – Basics and steps of the municipal broadband expansion

  • Planning and implementation of expansion projects in 5 phases
  • Cross-sectional tasks

Module 2 – Legal and regulatory framework

  • State aid in the context of broadband roll-out
  • Process steps within broadband expansion
  • The Telecommunications Act (TKG) as the regulatory law of the telecommunications market
  • Instances and structures at EU and federal level

Module 3 – Business and carrier models

  • Value-added stages of the telecommunications market
  • Carrier models
  • Choosing the right business model

Module 4 – Funding and promotion

  • Economic factors of broadband infrastructures
  • Financing
  • Promotion

Module 5 – Technical basics and planning

  • Technical basics of broadband networks
  • Network planning
  • Recommendations for the installation of empty conduits
  • GIS-based planning tools
  • Information sources for planning broadband networks

Module 6 – Installation methods

  • Open trench design
  • Alternative installation methods
  • Recommendations for the choice of installation method
  • Excerpt from the building law

Module 7 – Empty conduits

  • Types of conduits
  • Areas of application for empty conduits
  • Laying of microtubes in cable protection pipes
  • Laying cables in conduits

Module 8 – Templates, Checklists and Glossary

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