aconium GmbH sees itself as a reliable partner and companion of the public sector. As an independent and neutral consultant, aconium stands by its customers at all times during the course of a project. Irrespective of political or technological trends, aconium advises its clients in a relevant and individual manner. The focus is always on the best possible project result.

The central consulting approach of aconium is to develop tailor-made solutions that our customers can independently implement and continue in the future. The corresponding knowledge transfer is always taken into account.

One of our most important tasks is to find solutions perfectly fitting for our clients, solutions they can adopt easily and implement autonomously. Starting with the specific concern of each case, our first steps aim to understand your needs and motivation. From here, we take an individual approach to your problem and solve the challenges taking into account the particularities of the respective region.

For its services, aconium draws on a wide range of specialist expertise in order to be able to deliver the most complex analyses and comprehensive solutions possible. We see ourselves as a company that thrives on the expertise of its employees. For our customers we offer a high degree of continuity and reliability.