5G-PortVG: 5G campus networks in commercial ports

The Project

A reliable and high-performance infrastructure is now one of the central keys to a future-oriented and permanently competitive economy. This also applies in particular to the maritime and port industries. Here, the new 5G telecommunications standard provides the basis for a rapid leap in the development of technical possibilities.

Because it is only through the use of 5G that innovative applications such as autonomous ship driving, automated logistics processes and networked maritime traffic management are possible, and at the same time ports and shipping are safer, more efficient and more productive. As part of the 5G-PortVG joint project, new 5G-based services and products are being tested in three lead projects, which are intended to serve as user-centered maritime assistance systems in the future.

Taken together, these projects form the basis for enabling new applications in the port sector and for showing and evaluating the added value of 5G technology, especially in comparison to existing technical systems. With the use of 5G infrastructure in port facilities, the entire logistics, transport and organizational processes can be made more rational, effective and secure. The project is supported by funds from the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (BMDV).


The promotion of the innovative power of small commercial ports makes a positive contribution to the economic development of the coastal regions in order to strengthen them as a long-term economic location. With the long-term development of 5G applications in the maritime sector, the region of Western Pomerania should permanently establish itself as one of the leading innovation clusters in the field of 5G applications in shipping and port logistics. Through the standardization of applications and processes from the research project, the knowledge gained in the joint project is then to be transferred across projects to other commercial ports in Germany and Europe.

aconium responsibilities

aconium accompanies the project in the areas of communication and public relations, supports the project partners in reporting and advises in the context of 5G applications on their usability in the context of a Smart Regions approach.

Lead Partner:

The 5G-PortVG project is funded by the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport

aconium responsibilities:

Communication management and public relations, funding and technology consulting, reporting and accompanying monitoring of project progress


3 years

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Eike Gutt

Eike Gutt

Head of Mobile Communication

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Benjamin Beyer

Benjamin Beyer

Project Manager

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