Broadband Office of the Federal Government




Broadband Office of the Federal Government

The project

One of the most important infrastructure issues in Germany is the expansion of broadband. With the Federal Broadband Office (BBB), aconium GmbH has taken on an important task regarding communication and information on this topic since December 2010.

The BBB is a competence centre of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI).

The BBB is the central point of contact for all interested communities, companies and last but not least the citizens. This is where information is collected, evaluated and passed on and where strategies are developed.



The aim of the BBB is to support the development of broadband, which includes:

  • Speeding up the nationwide rollout of broadband in Germany
  • Maintaining contact with the competent authorities of the countries
  • Development of guidelines on current topics
  • Organisation and monitoring of dialogue events, workshops and seminars

aconium responsibilities

aconium GmbH is responsible for the operation of the Federal Broadband Office as a competence center of the BMVI and as the national BCO (Broadband Competence Office) which includes:

  • Pooling of organisational and technical solutions of the companies and integration with local, regional and national framework conditions
  • Establishment and maintenance of contact with all relevant actors and ongoing communication
  • Targeted identification of possible solutions
  • Answering questions about the expansion of broadband

Contracting authority:

Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure

Task of aconium:

Contact point for all stakeholders


since 2010

aconium contact person

Tim Brauckmüller

Tim Brauckmüller

Project Lead

Phone: +49 30 22183-0