e-smartec: strengthening sustainable mobility through marketing and participation




e-smartec – Modern marketing methods for the successful communication of sustainable mobility offers and participation in planning processes

The project

Many European cities and regions face similar challenges in dealing with their environmental and transport problems. Such issues can be addressed, however, through integrated sustainable mobility planning processes that are jointly developed and supported by important actors and interest groups (citizens, politics and administration).

In the European cooperation project e-smartec, nine partners from seven EU countries are working together to develop locally adapted participation methods for sustainable mobility planning processes through the exchange of European “good practice examples”. The results are regional action plans that identify and apply specific measures and actions to revise and sharpen existing policy instruments.

As one of six European pilot regions, the Centre of Expertise for Sustainable Urban Mobility of the State of Hesse (FZ-NUM) is participating in the e-smartec project in order to select and test individualised communication methods and participation formats for citizens in mobility planning processes for the State of Hesse.


The aim of the project is to work closely with European partners to develop tailored guidelines for marketing and participation formats to support planning processes for sustainable mobility offers, which are individualised to the needs of citizens and interest groups.

aconium responsibilities

aconium takes on the technical advice and support of the Centre of Expertise for Sustainable Urban Mobility of the State of Hesse (FZ-NUM), which acts as a project partner within the framework of e-smartec for the state of Hesse.

Specifically, aconium will adapt and optimise the project’s “good practices”, which have already proven themselves successfully in other European regions to the Hessian context. In order to better target citizens and interest groups, a toolbox for marketing methods and participation formats is being developed which is intended to increase the participation of citizens in planning processes in Hessian municipalities.

Finally, concrete concept recommendations are given for the development of an action plan, which is intended to achieve a more effective approach to citizens and increased participation of citizens using targeted marketing instruments.


Interreg Europe

Lead Partner:

Centre of Expertise for Sustainable Urban Mobility of the State of Hesse (FZ-NUM)

aconium responsibilities:

  • Professional support and advice
  • Conception, implementation and analysis of a citizen survey
  • Development of a toolbox of participation and marketing methods
  • Support in developing an action plan for the State of Hesse


November 2020 – July 2021

aconium contact persons

Tommi Vollmann

Tommi Vollmann

Project leader

Mail: t.vollmann@aconium.eu
Phone: +49 30 22183-3111

Julia Haselberger

Julia Haselberger

Project manager

Mail: j.haselberger@aconium.eu
Phone: +49 30 22183-3156