Low Carbon Regions in the North Sea

The Project

Within the framework of the cluster project LOWCAP, findings and experiences from four projects of the Interreg IVB North-Sea region programme on CO2 reduction and increasing energy efficiency in the North Sea region were examined and evaluated. The results of the Interreg projects (Build with Care, CareNorth, North Sea Sustainable Energy Planning and Carbon Capture & Storage) supported the implementation of EU targets for CO2 reduction through innovative, practical initiatives at regional level. In the course of LOWCAP, the participants developed recommendations for action for policy-makers who should contribute to the implementation of these objectives in the North Sea.


  • Establishment of online resource to support the exchange of results and to encourage debates on carbon reduction and energy efficiency policy
  • Visualization of regional knowledge and interaction via interactive mapping
  • Strategic overview of strategies, policies and practice in relation to CREE in the North Sea Region and European Union
  • Policy advice and information of stakeholders based on the four corresponding Interreg projects at local, national, regional and European level
  • Summary of important results from the four Interreg projects and other projects in the North Sea Region programme
  • Identify effective innovative initiatives that help to achieve the EU 2020 targets
  • Raising the awareness of stakeholders through the establishment and development of networks in the North Sea region

aconium responsibilities

  • Project- and financial management
  • Public relations for the German project partner


Interreg IV B North Sea Region Programme (2007-2013)

Lead Partner:

Aberdeen City Council

aconium responsibilities:

Project- and financial management; Public relations


2012 – 2013

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Stefan Molkentin

Stefan Molkentin

Chief Regional Branch Officer

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