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Measurement of mobile radio coverage Brandenburg

The Project

Complete mobile phone coverage means more attractive locations for companies and ensures that everyone can participate in digital development – in the city and in the countryside. Especially for industrial or agricultural applications, but also for mobility and health solutions, it is crucial that powerful mobile communications are available not only in the metropolises, but also in the countryside. In order to make the state of Brandenburg fit for the future and attractive, knowledge about the state of mobile radio coverage and the resulting optimisation measures are indispensable.


The objective of the project was a state-wide inventory and analysis of the current mobile coverage situation of the telecommunications companies in the state in order to support the planning of mobile application scenarios as well as a targeted expansion of mobile coverage in Brandenburg.

aconium responsibilities

On behalf of the DigitalAgentur Brandenburg GmbH (DABB), aconium carried out surveys of the road network in Brandenburg in 2020/21 to analyse mobile radio coverage. The main survey covered the entire public road network in Brandenburg. More than 40,000 kilometres of road were driven with a total of ten measurement vehicles to collect measurement data. In addition to active measurements to simulate the user’s perspective via smartphone, passive measurements of the medium frequencies (amplitude measurements) were also carried out. Furthermore, additional measurements were carried out at more than 1,100 special measuring points to collect data on latency and download rate. In this way, it was possible to determine the current state of the mobile networks in Brandenburg as well as to carry out special measurements to determine the real data throughput at particularly relevant locations. aconium has written a report on the measurement campaign.

Lead Partner:

DigitalAgentur Brandenburg GmbH (DABB)

aconium responsibilities:

Mobile radio measurement, survey, project management, final report


October – December 2020

atene KOM contact person

Eike Gutt

Eike Gutt

Head of Mobile Communication

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