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Check: Media Education at German Schools

The Project

The ongoing digitization of many spheres of social life does not stop at German schools. Even children of primary school age use electronic communication and digital media quite naturally in everyday life. However, opinions differ about their role and importance in school education itself. Digital media are not ends in themselves and should not replace traditional teaching. Instead, they enable new forms of teaching and facilitate individual development in increasingly heterogeneous classes.

A project consortium sponsored by the nonprofit initiative D21 took a closer look at the situation of school media education in the German counties. They analyzed societal challenges and requirements of a changing school media education of the future. For the project “Check: Media Education at German Schools” they worked out success factors and obstacles for the integration of digital media and presented best practice models.


The project “Check: Media Education at German Schools” focussed on the current situation in each federal state. At the same time, the authors analyzed the future requirements for school-based learning in the 21st century and presented best practice models of successful media integration. By means of supplementary expert interviews, success factors and obstacles to the use of digital media in everyday school life were identified. Subsequently, recommendations for action were elaborated and further research needs were documented.

aconium responsibilities

In the framework of this joint project under the aegis of the D21 initiative, aconium has prepared a study on the state of (digital) media education in German schools and derived appropriate recommendations for action for the actors in education policy.

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Initiative D21

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Overall responsibility of the study


Jan 2014 – Sep 2014

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